ELMAS Defense Industries and Aviation LLC is a company as a headquarter located in Ankara - Turkey with a branch office in Istanbul –Turkey. ELMAS LLC has become a major player in the Aviation sector regionally, committed to building successful brands in the Turkey, offering an unique experience to Government and Business and excellence to its partners through its activities of Aerospace, Defense, Security, Digital Media, Marketing and Communications, Information and Communication Technology, Business Consultancy and Training, and UAV.

Started back in 2004, ELMAS LLC is specialized in supplying premium equipment’s, spare parts and services for Aircrafts and Helicopters to the Defense, and Aerospace Industries through great relations with many of the manufacturers - suppliers from worldwide.

Since 2014, by blending expertise and intimate knowledge in Turkey, ELMAS LLC is started to build its expertise in the Defense - Military Departments and all Government Agencies. We are offering an unique experience to our customers and win-win philosophy to all our partners through our passionate teams for The Republic of Turkey’s Freedom and Future. We put our desire on the top of everything with Nationalism and bringing Qualification to The Republic of Turkey Defense Industries.

ELMAS LLC's success is attributed to its most valued asset: highly skilled and dedicated teams. Professionalism and passion are what fuels the ELMAS LLC's competitive edge in today's market.

Vision, Mission & Values


Be the leading partner for Defense and Aviation across all over the world.

To become an international leader in innovation, value creation and knowledge, through investment in diverse industries which collaborate Defense and Aviation sectors to contribute to the Republic of Turkey’s Freedom and Future with concerning Nationalism by providing capability to the Republic of Turkey’s Defense Industries.


By blending our expertise and intimate knowledge of Defense and Aviation, we create value under the umbrella of Republic of Turkey’s Freedom and Future with Nationalism and improving capability in the technology together with talent of Republic of Defense Industries with our all Allies.


Values are what bind us as a company. They are the inherent beliefs that have guided us since our inception and continue to serve as the cornerstone of our business practices and principles.

Our Company cultivates the core values of Respect, Collaborative, Adaptable, Excellence and Entrepreneurial Spirit which are reflected in every aspect of our business and with each of our Allies and the wider Turkey with global communities.  

“These values ensure that we build sustainable, lasting, quality win-win philosophy with everyone who we co-operate with under the Republic of Turkey’s Freedom and Future.” 

Republic of Turkey’s Reforms

Based on the principles laid out in the Government’s Policy Agenda, the Turkey Economic Vision 2023 is a roadmap not only for the Turkey’s economic progress but also for the Republic of the Turkey’s Defense Industries Reforms.

This mandate was given in order to deliver upon the vision of His President of the Turkey for the ongoing economic success of Turkey.

The expectation was the creation of a long-term roadmap for Defense Industries progress for Turkey through the establishment of a common framework aligning all policies and plans to fully engage to the Nationalism and bringing high capacity in their implementation.